FTI Mud Racer series torque covnerter
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Mud Racing Torque Converters by FTI Performance - The Best Mud Truck Racers are Racing with Unbeatable FTI Performance & Reliability.
Rated to 1200HP
1 year warranty

MR3380: 2800 Stall RPM
MR3082: 3000 Stall RPM
MR0082: 3200 Stall RPM
MR6082: 3500 Stall RPM
MR7082: 3800 Hard Hit Stall RPM
MR8082: 4000 Hard Hit Stall RPM 

note:  Please choose the custom stall option when purchasing a custom stall converter that is not listed above. Please ensure to input the custom part number given in the cart comment section! You can also choose this option when purchasing a converter if you are unsure of what stall is best for you, one of our converter technicians will be contact with your shortly to help choose the right stall for your vehicle. 

  • Furnace Brazed: To ensure FTI is offering the best possible product to racers, FTI uses the furnace brazing process to increase internal performance and reliability for all of our performance torque converters.
  • Item #: MR
  • Manufacturer: FTI Performance
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: MR
  • Condition: New

Mud Racer Series Torque Converter - 9.5" for TH350 - TH400

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