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Greg Samuel

Our President and CEO. As racers ourselves, we understand what it takes to dominate in this extremely competitive environment.

Troy Williams

Million Dollar Race Winner, Quick Rod World Champion, 8 TIme Division Champion and Big Money Race Icon. FTI Team Driver

Dennis Anderson

The King in Performance Trucks uses FTI Performance equipment. FTI is the first to engineer a converter specifically for Mud Race applications.

Jeff Lopez

Super Gas World Champion, Multi-Time Super Gas / Super Comp / Super Pro Division Champ, Regular Big Money Race WInner

NIck Folk

2 Time World Champion, 19 Time National Event Winner, 9 Time Division Champion and Perennial Big Money Race Winner

Gary Williams

2 Time Million Dollar Race Winner, Multi Time Division Champion, 5 Time $50 Grand Race WInner, Perennial Big Money Icon

Kenny Underwood

2013 Million Dollar Race Winner, 2 Time Hot Rod World Champion, Multi Time Division Champion, Regular Big Money Winner

Brendan George

2014 NHRA D2 Driver Of The Year, Multi-Time NHRA DIvision Champion, Multi-Class Track Championships, Jeg's U.S. Open Champion, Million Dollar Race 20K Winner, Regular Big Money Race Winner

Dave Triplett

Million Dollar Race WInner, Million Dollar Race Runner-Up, 3 Time NHRA Division Champion, Regular Big Money Race WInner

Brian Folk

Super Rod World Champion, 5 Time Division Champion, Regular Big Money Race WInner

Kevin Brannon

2015 Jeg's All Stars Super Comp. Champion and Multi-Time NHRA Division Champion

Mike Ruff

2 Time IHRA Super Rod World Champion. U.S. Nationals Super Gas Champ, Summit Racing Super Pro National Champ, 4 x Division 2 Champ, Torco Nationals Champ, Virgina Nationals Champ


  • Clean your Powder Coated tranny with soap and water, not Brakleen.
  • At the first sign of movement on setting your transbrake, adjust the transmission.
  • Check and tighten your torque converter bolts regularly.
It's not cheating, it's the competitive edge!
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Our customer service and technical support is second to none. All of the sales people at FTI are REAL racers. We understand your need to speak with someone who knows REAL racer needs. FTI manufactures only the highest quality components and assembles each product to exact tolerances for consistent and dependable race winning results.


Our performance torque converters have state of the art designed components to keep you ahead of the competition. Our research and development department is constantly striving to provide you with cutting edge technology.


Do you want the highest MPH and lowest E.T. from your racing converter?  We offer a one year “free stall adjustment” provided the combination has remained the same. No other company in the industry offers this service for this period of time, as we strive for 100% customer satisfaction.


We stock a huge inventory of drag race, street race, mud race performance torque converters, racing transmissions and parts. 90% of custom converter orders ship within 24hrs. Most parts ordered ship the same day!


We’ve “raised the bar” with warranty! We’re the 1st in the industry to offer an unprecedented 3 year warranty on billet lock up converters and 1 year on all race converters and transmissions.


With the staff at FTI being racers, you will see the FTI support trailer at many of the nations largest events including, NHRA, IHRA, Big Money Brackets, Radial Tire, and Mud events.  If you see our rig at an event, we’ll be offering on site transmission repair and a full line of converters and parts to service you in the field. Available only with FTI!


Dollar for dollar a FTI converter will give you more performance than virtually any other modification. While other modifications may give you a boost,  it is hard to beat the ET reduction verses dollar spent with an FTI converter.  It’s just “Simple Economics 101”

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