About Us

Founded in 2008

FTI Converters LLC was created with one singular purpose, to provide the absolute best in quality and customer service to the automatic transmission market. With their primary focus beginning with performance torque converters, Greg and Phaedra Samuel worked closely with the local racing scenes to provide a competitive edge in our always evolving sport of drag racing.

They would later realize this is what laid the groundwork for FTI Converters LLC to grow into FTI Performance, one of the most trustworthy brands in high performance automatic transmission and driveline components.

Gaining Momentum

Fast forward to 2019 after many years of continuing to dominate in the performance automatic driveline market, FTI was acquired by NHRA Funny Car Driver and entrepreneur Paul Lee, setting the stage for the next step in evolution for FTI Performance.

With Paul assuming command of FTI, the company quickly lurched forward with a new energy and momentum that would allow FTI Performance to further expand into new markets and expanded product lines while still maintaining exacting standards and world class customer service. Greg was given the opportunity to explore his true passion and show his full potential for research and development in the performance driveline industry.

High Quality Performance Products

Present day, FTI Performance continues to produce the very highest quality in performance automatic driveline components, and we are at the fore front of innovation in our market. Thanks to our devoted staff, our world-class service and unwavering devotion to quality can be found in every single one of FTI’s products offering items for the mild street machine to the 5,000HP Pro-Mod. So, whether you have a daily driver streetcar, or an all-out race car, FTI Performance has you taken care of.


"It's not Cheating, It's The Competitive Edge"